Day 11

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling a bit tired this morning but I have had a busy few days and am probably now feeling the effects of my study weekend, considering it means I haven’t had a day off in ages (I’m not even count up the days). Otherwise, all good.

I’m considering how to time things today as I’ll be in yoga from 5:15pm to 7:15pm so not home til about 8pm. I was considering doing a fast from 8pm to 12pm (16 hours) once I get used to the 10 hour fast but considering I do yoga every week, I think it may not really work out as I need to stop eating before yoga for about 2 hours too.

I’m also considering how to time things tomorrow as I’m planning on doing a martial-arts inspired workout during lunchtime, which means leaving the office at 12:30pm and returning at 2:30pm when I can have lunch. I’m thinking it might be wise to bring in a protein shake and have that with an oatmeal bar at 12pm.

09:30 – I seem to want my 2nd espresso around this time. I used to get hungry around this time when I was having breakfast too.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a bit of that vegetarian lasagne that’s still going strong plus an egg muffin that I made last night. I’ve also brought in an oatmeal bar and oat & peanut butter biscuit to fill me up a bit before pre-yoga fasting.

As soon as I break the fast, I completely forget how it was when I was fasting. I do look forward to 12pm but I always looked forward to lunch, even when I was eating breakfast every day. But then when I eat, it’s not a case of ravishing the meal like a starved dog, so it feels like no big deal and I expect it to become even less of a deal as time goes by.

14:30 – It’s nice to know I don’t have to watch how many cups of tea & coffee I’m having (milk is a lot of calories) when I know I’ll be exercising later so I have a good few calories needed.

17:10 – Right, no yoga as the class is oversubscribed so will do some at home instead. Can better work out timing this way.

Fasting phase, evening: Got lots done with not having the yoga class to do and fed myself with a lovely big salad and some of that lasagne that has unfortunately come to a tasty end. Getting stuff ready for tomorrow and need to figure out how to transport my protein powder without it going all over my bag.

Overall a good day, no problems. I noticed today that it’s easier to resist the tempting food on offer all over the office because I’m used to thinking I’m fasting so there’s no ‘how much is in that’ or ‘can I fit that in’ questioning going on. It’s simple.

Stats: 1632 calories, 198g carbs, 58g fat, 88g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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