Day 10

Fasting phase, morning: I have to say I am a bit hungry this morning but I didn’t eat my target calories yesterday so that may be why. Still, I’m not feeling ill effects or anything, just slightly more hungry today than normal.

09:40 – I am definitely hungry and have been clock-watching a bit. Will try to kill it with coffee.

Sleep – I’ve had vivid dreams every night almost, which may be to do with eating late into the night but could just be coincidence. No particular theme but fairly multii-threaded… last night I was escaping some kind of flood and preparing for the apocalypse and the other night I found a dismembered dead body and someone stole my shoelaces… bit strange.

Had a herbal tea around 11am, which was lovely, and helped.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around noon with 2 helpings of the lasagne from last night (at a low low 300 calories!) followed by a juicy pear. Ahhh feels good 🙂

Went for a massage after work so didn’t get home until about 9pm. Had a quick omelette followed by some yoghurt and nuts to make up some calories for the day but came in under.

Fasting phase, evening: I’m trashed and off to bed! Have made some egg muffins so will tuck into those tomorrow.

Overall, not a bad day though didn’t have time to eat enough as I was home late. Guess that’s just gonna happen sometimes.

Stats: 1452 calories, 119g carbs, 76g fat, 76g protein. Activity level: sedentary.


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