Day 9

Fasting phase, morning: up at 7am today for work and feeling slightly hungry but still feeling the effects of the pizza last night, so don’t really feel like I need to eat. Looking forward to coffee though.

10:40 – two large espressos down. I wonder how much of a thermogenic effect I’m getting off these, not that it’s why I’m drinking them but maybe a nice bonus.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast at about 12:30pm with a nice tuna nicoise salad. Feeling pretty full now even though it was a light lunch really what with their being no dressing. I think I’m getting fuller quicker with IF but I have also generally been eating bigger meals so will need to see how it pans out.

17:10: Had a hot cross bun in work for someone’s birthday and then an oatmeal bar – carby carb carb! I’m gonna do a work out now and have dinner post-workout and do some study after/around that too. Let’s see how it goes… having something before leaving work, working out when I get home and then having dinner may be one way to work this meal & workout timing thing.

20:30: Just had an amazing vegetarian lasagne with salad that only came to a mere 242 calories. I need to make sure I eat a bit more before starting the next fast then. I’ll be doing some more study under the influence of coffee and a nice peanut butter oat biscuit and then I’ll make something before 10pm. I have an alarm set on my phone for every day at 9:30pm to make sure I have something if I haven’t had enough that day already.

Fasting phase, evening: Just finished a really sexy dessert – blood orange, half a pear, 30g brazil nuts chopped up, 170g Greek yoghurt, teaspoon of agave syrup and a tablespoon of milled flaxseed. Phwoarh. Now to fast! And back to the books…

Overall, another easy day where I got lots done and ate well. I went under my calories today which makes up for yesterday a bit.

Stats: 1635 calories, 162g carbs, 75g fat, 83g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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