Day 8

Fasting phase, morning: Up at 10am today after a bit of a rest since I was absolutely trashed from a heavy study day yesterday. Gonna make some oatmeal bars with banana, maybe some biscuits and some baked beans. Cooking while fasted… especially baking, may be a challenge. At least I will be ending the fast soon enough so I can sample my own goodies.

Almost broke the fast when there was a peanut butter covered spoon on its way to my mouth but I remembered just in time! 🙂

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a lovely veggie grill – sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled egg and baked beans. The biscuits & oatmeal bars weren’t finished until halfway through my breakfast so that was good timing. Had a biscuit when they were cooled down – peanut butter & oats – really nice and only 89 calories each.

It was still fairly easy to keep the fast while being in the kitchen surrounded by food, even things like peanut butter that are just so damn tasty. I think this fasting thing’s gonna work out as there are benefits other than just fat loss – time-saving, money-saving, easier to get macronutrient balance right, eating bigger meals, etc. And it feels good to give the body (and mind, to some extent) a break from food – feels more efficient.

Way too trashed to make dinner so pizza on the way! Nice to be able to do that without worrying about it being too much for one sedentary day. I may go over a little but had I had breakfast, it would definitely be a lot.

22:30: Whoo, what a lovely pizza, I’ll be remembering that fondly for a while. Went over my calorie range by a good bit but fuck it, haven’t had a cheat day in ages and it was really good.

Fasting phase, evening: Still full from the pizza a couple of hours ago so this should be fine 🙂

Overall, a good day that was made easier with having no breakfast. I baked during what would’ve been breakfast & washing up time normally. I got almost all the studying done that I needed to get done too, so the sedentary nature of the weekend was worth it.

Stats: 2017 calories, 220g carbs, 78g fat, 102g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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