Day 7

Fasting phase, morning: Got up around 9am, still feeling pretty full/satiated from yesterday. One large espresso down and lots of fresh lovely water to go. It’s getting to be quite nice to have a break from food.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with porridge today, just like breakfast used to be. 🙂 Didn’t feel like making anything else and need to get some stuff in the shop so there’s not a lot there. It was quite nice as I could have more milk than I used to since I didn’t have to watch the calorie count and I added in some raisins as well. Very tasty but I was a bit hungry again not long after so had some fruit, yoghurt & nuts. Gonna get myself a white coffee and start studying now.

16:40 – Feeling pretty hungry so will stop studying for a break and some food.

18:10 – Had a nice large salad with feta cheese, toasted sesame seeds, bulgar wheat, pesto and other stuff. The toasted sesame seeds were really tasty and high in fat as well as the cheese and pesto so should keep me full for a while. I had some of it between some Kallo Corn Cakes for a bit of extra texture too. Whole meal was just over 600 calories.

Back to the books!

20:36 – It’s workout time. I’ve sat down for most of the day so can’t miss a workout as I really get into a proper slump otherwise.

Fasting time, evening: Had a protein shake with espresso during my workout and some yoghurt, seeds & honey post-workout so that’ll have to do til tomorrow. Time to do a bit more study tonight before collapsing into bed. Feels good to have done some exercise at least, although it wasn’t very intense.

Overall, a good day, though again I was thinking about timing in terms of eating & working out but maybe that never goes away. I suppose it’s just that there’s an extra factor in that I wouldn’t eat after working out if it was past 10pm whereas before IF, that wouldn’t be a problem. Something I definitely need to think through. On the plus side, it was great to have another study day that wasn’t adversely affected by IF.

Stats: 1964 calories, 227g carbs, 83g fat, 93g protein. Activity Level: Moderate.


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