Day 6

Fasting phase, morning: Up at 8am today and feeling slightly hungry but not bad, mostly thirsty I think. Got an espresso machiato from Pret but I suspect there was a lot of milk in it. I drank it anyway so hopefully didn’t break the fast with that. The day was spent in a training course with full access to fruit, biscuits, crisps, etc, but I was fine fasting until lunchtime at 1pm…

Feeding phase: …when I had some really nice salad. Was full then for the rest of the day, nicely satiated. Normally in a course I’d be wanting the pastries and stuff like that but I didn’t really have much interested in them today. Appetising as the biscuits looked, I knew that they would be ultimately unsatisfying and not worth it so that put me off them. Going out for dinner now and glad to be able to have a nice big meal without really thinking about calorie content as I haven’t had all that much today otherwise. If I do go over, I’ll be considering it a cheat day anyway.

Had a great meal – starter, main & dessert (shared) and didn’t go over my calories for the day by more than about 100! Normally I would have definitely gone over so it’s nice to know that it’s possible to go out for a meal twice in one day and remain in a healthy range.

Overall, once a broke the fast, I was full pretty much all day and night with just the two meals and barely any snacks (just one apple and a couple of squares of dark chocolate).

Stats: 1700 calories, 140g carbs, 85g fat, 103g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (there was a lot of walking but I’m not counting it).


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