Day 5

Fasting phase, morning: Just up, feeling tired so far but looking forward to a day at home spent mostly studying. I’m interested to see how this goes while fasted as normally I would have a fair bit to eat in snacks before lunch since I’m at home and can make anything from the fridge.

10:00 – Large espresso numero uno.

Studying this morning wasn’t adversely affected by fasting at all. I’m doing an assignment and did half of one question last night and the other half this morning and I was equally able each time. And I only had one large espresso.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around 12:30pm with a big salad of leaves, quinoa, baked feta, walnuts, mushrooms & tomatoes with some oil & lemon juice. Really nice, fresh and filling – and at 593 calories, it’d wanna be! 🙂 I’m having a white coffee now and ready for more studying. Thinking a bit about timing today as I’m going to do a workout later on and I have some fish defrosting so need to figure that one out. As I’m at home I have a bit more flexibility on hours but I am prioritising studying today so will go with that and see what happens.

19:14 – Dinner was great – lemon sole with tomatoes & olives and a side of parsnip chips coated in phwoarh. I’ve been nice and satiated most of the day anyway but this came at just the right time so I can workout later on and have something to eat post-workout too. Came to a respectable 594 calories, which brings me to the total number of calories I would have if I were to have a sedentary day, i.e. 1500-1600.

21:30 – Got to stop studying to workout now or I’ll get nowt done and I’ve been sitting down all day. Will have to eat later than 10pm tonight but will probably not break the fast til 1pm tomorrow anyway as I’m out at a training course so not in charge of the schedule, so this will probably work out fine.

Fasting phase, evening – Off to bed now (11pm) after an hour of a good workout. Hit a new PR with deadlift today – 65kg for 3×5. I got new weights recently which are, firstly, better for bigger weights and, secondly, better for changing weights mid-workout so I need to start experimenting with max reps. For now I’m just going up by either 2.5kg or 5kg here and there. Had a protein shake while working out with 200ml of milk as I didn’t want to have to eat right before going to bed so that shake fit the bill alright. Tomorrow I’m at a training course that start at 9:30am (I think) so I don’t need to be up early, which means I can sleep through a lot of the fast in the morning and hopefully the slight deficit today won’t affect me much.

Overall, today was pretty easy. It was my first study day with IF and it wasn’t a problem at all. I had the same brain power pretty much throughout the day. I was a bit concerned about timing around working out and getting work done but I had dinner cooked for me so that really helped and having a protein shake instead of something heavy helped as well.

Stats: 1716 calories, 159g carbs, 79g fat, 96g protein.


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