Day 4

Fasting phase, morning: Got up slightly later today to try to take advantage of not having breakfast time but overshot and ended up 20 minutes late. First large espresso at 08:35, feels good.

10:00 – Hunger pangs but feeling okay, bit tired, slightly spacey. Drinking lots of water and trying not to just jack myself up on coffee.

11:00 – 2nd espresso down and all is well. I’m slightly tired but I did only go to sleep at 1am last night.

Again, I’m having teaser headaches – dull ache that doesn’t quite develop and goes away but comes back again.

Feeding phase: Lunch is out with the team today, so not leaving the office til about 1pm and so I’ve had a nice egg muffin (w/cottage cheese & a bit of veggie sausage) and a peanut butter oatmeal bar.

Lunch was great – bhindi bhaji, mutter paneer and rice. I’ve found that even though I’m looking forward to 12pm when I can have something to eat, I’m not running to the kitchen or anything and even though I only had a snack before waiting another 1.5 hours for lunch, I was fine. It’s not a dramatic thing like I was half-expecting.

Timing may become an issue for me since I like to workout at night but that may go beyond 10pm, which messes up having a large post-workout meal and means I would need to time my pre-workout meal to be early enough to have digested before working out. I’ll have to see how this plays out. Today’s a rest day anyway since I ended up working later than expected so I don’t have time to fit in study and working out tonight.

18:35 – gonna go have a nice snack now and have some dinner later on.

19:25 – accidentally overdosed on cheese (Leerdammer) so no need for dinner. Gonna have some coffee, do some study, then chill out for a bit. Study day tomorrow so I wonder how that’ll go with fasting in the morning.

Finished off the night nicely with a blood orange, some blueberries, yoghurt, seeds & a teaspoon of honey. Yummy.

Overall, a good day though it has highlighted thoughts of how I would time dinner/main meal with working out. It’s one of the reasons I decided not to go full-on ‘leangains’ as it’s enough to change the schedule for IF (14/10) first but it’s at the back of my mind – maybe for a limited time I could manage it. Otherwise, I’m still finding it fairly easy to fast in the mornings and definitely appreciate the coffee during that time, plus I’m enjoying feeling nicely full after meals and not thinking too much about spacing out the calories over the day.

Sleep: Slept soundly again. Had some vivid dreams on waking but probably just because I was in a deep sleep when my alarm went off and I kept snoozing it.

Stats: 1562 calories, 154g carbs, 60g fat, 74g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


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