Day 3

Fasting phase, morning: Got up slightly later as I’m working from home. Espresso currently brewing and some ice water on my desk ready for the day. Feeling hungry but not painfully so or anything dramatic.

09:30 Have had a mere 2 large espressos so far and feel pretty alert – can’t be sure how much to attribute that to the coffee.

10:30 Not sure if feeling a bit tired is due to a caffeine crash or some hunger or just normal late morning tiredness.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with the final slice of that cauliflower crust pizza (1/2 a serving) and a homemade peanut & oatmeal bar heated in the microwave with some peanut butter and then with some Greek yoghurt on top. Nom! Felt great, nice and full without feeling bloated or anything. I was feeling fairly tired and hungry by the time noon rolled around although in fairness, I feel hungry about 2 hours after breakfast normally anyway.

21:00: Dinner was great – chicken breast with humous & spinach stuffing and a side of mashed butter beans. I followed this with crackers and cheese because I wanted to get more calories in before I do a workout later on. It’s quite late but I had to work way beyond what I was due to do and time just ran away somewhere so suddenly I was eating dinner at 8pm rather than at 6pm. I want to workout as well today so had to get in those calories now to have digested enough to workout in about an hour or so and then get to bed this side of midnight. I was supposed to study as well but today I’ve prioritised working out. Tomorrow I’ll prioritise study and will skip my yoga class to come home and get some done – I may then do some yoga afterwards or just chill out for a bit, see how I feel. Another coffee and a bit of a chillout before the workout.

Fasting phase, evening: Worked out from about 22:10 to 23:40 and it felt great, aside from feeling slightly full but it wasn’t too bad. I normally would have more time between eating & working out but I was still able to do two 30second handstands so that’s the ultimate test there really! I decided to add in a bit more weight training too and hit a PR in barbell squat – 37.5kg for 5×5 so that’s great. Seeing that I’m still able to progress in my training gives me confidence in how I’m approaching nutrition – tangible results, basically. I also hit progression standard on Straight Bridges (3×40) so a good workout indeedy!

Overall it was a bit of a frustrating day due to a change in schedule that has a knock on effect not just on today but the next few days too. Oh well, that’s the way it goes when your time is micromanaged to the last hour.

I almost found it hard to fit in the calories in the allotted time today as I didn’t really feel all that hungry until about 7:30pm but I managed to do it just before working out and I’m not going to bed too late or hungry. In fact, I would say I’m feeling pretty satiated, which is nice.

Sleep: Went to sleep around 1am and slept through the night quite soundly.

Stats: 1931 calories, 134g carbs, 94g fat, 134g protein. Activity Level: Moderate.


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