Day 2

Fasting phase, morning: Got up a bit later (about 20mins) but still got into work about 15 mins earlier than planned and it felt great to have less to do in the morning. It did mean the water was only lukewarm for my shower though as it didn’t have a lot of time to heat up and it’s a cool day. Felt a bit hungry on the way in but nothing dramatic. I was pretty thirsty though and regretted not having some water before leaving the house. I got into my book for most of the journey though, which was fairly pleasant. Got into work and had a large espresso. Tried not to watch the clock but it was pretty hard, especially as it’s right there on my screen so I removed the clock from the screen. Had another large espresso just after 9am. I had a tease of a headache most of the morning but it never came on properly at all – might have been due to dehydration.

Feeding phase: Lunch was lovely and filling (pizza from yesterday) and I had an apple for dessert for a bit of sweetness. Had my first white coffee at about 2:30pm after having about 3 large espressos in the morning – felt good. Had a tease of a headache at some points in the afternoon but nothing serious. Had an oatmeal & peanut butter (homemade) around 3pm, which was nice. Got home before 5pm and made a lovely frittata with sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, peas, black olives and parmesan with a bit of basil, oregano and black pepper. Very filling and am still pretty full now at 8pm. Have had another coffee and about to start studying. Will need to eat again before 10pm so have set my alarm for 9:15pm so I can start making something.

I spent way too much time picking a stupid theme for this thing! 🙂

21:50 – final bit of food before the fast. I had an egg muffin that I made yesterday, which has 1/6th of a vegideli lincolnshire sausage, and I had 3 crackers with cottage cheese – should keep me happy for the next 14 hours. Err…

Sleep: Went to sleep around midnight, woke up once but not again until my alarm went off. Did have some dream but can’t remember what it was about now, which is pretty normal for me.

Overall, it’s not been a hard day but it is still the beginning so I have beginner’s enthusiasm. I’m interested in how my sleep will be affected, if at all, tonight but I can get up slightly later tomorrow as I’m working from home so no travel time to incorporate. This is one of the reasons I started this week – I’m home tomorrow plus I have the afternoon off, then home on Thursday for a study day and in a training course all day on Friday.  A combination of good distractions, extra sleep and access to good food should help me get through this first week.

Stats: 1513 calories, 105g carbs, 74g fat, 100g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


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