Day 1

Fasting phase, morning: Started IF by eating until somewhere between 9pm and 10pm last night and not eating again until about noon. I got up around 9am and read all about it until breakfast time – I was more hungry for information than for food. Went out for a nice veggie fry-up in the Fat Cat accompanied by 2 milky lattes (too milky). Didn’t feel all that hungry in the morning and kept drinking water (sparkling) as that’s recommended, so it went well. It was a good idea to start it on a day when I could get up later and chill out at home before eating. It also felt quite nice to have that bit more time and less washing up, not that I was that much more productive but I could see myself becoming more so.

Feeding phase: Breakfast kept me full for a few hours but as I was to play badminton for an hour from 3:30pm, I had an oatmeal bar (homemade with peanut butter) around 2:30pm. Badminton was great, I felt totally normal – not hungry, not overfed. Post-badminton, had an amazing snack of black sesame rice cakes with cottage cheese, mackerel, cherry tomatoes and a little black pepper – so fresh, so tasty! Then I studied for a bit but wasn’t really in the mood for it. I wasn’t in my normal study place either but I got a chapter done (and I understood it!) so it wasn’t too bad. Made dinner then – cauliflower crust pizza with pesto, tomato, mushrooms & pineapple. It was 525 calories per serving and I had enough left for lunch tomorrow, which is great because I didn’t think I would have and I was expecting to have to buy some. It took ages to make though (about an hour and a half) and didn’t turn out perfectly (partly to do with how thick I made the crust but also because I put the toppings on without the sauce and then had to take them off again… like a muppet) but it was really tasty and it brought me almost up to 10pm. I also made some fruit with yoghurt for dessert and to make sure I got in more food before fasting again – I had the rest of the pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, Greek yoghurt and agave maple syrup with a sprinkling of a mix of flaxseed, sunflower seeds and other stuff (Linwoods).

Fasting phase, evening: I didn’t study again as it was late and I was tired by then, so I cleaned up and went to bed to read for a while before going to sleep.

Sleep: I woke up a few times in the night feeling like I had overslept and missed my alarm. First time it was only about 11:30pm, another time it was around 4am. I had a fairly vivid dream about being at some party that turned into a funeral because someone died – it wasn’t very sad though, it was almost like it was expected and we didn’t really know the woman.

Overall the day was fine, it was great to not have to try to make the meal as low calorie as before (previously was going for 300 cals per meal) especially since I messed up the toppings and so ended up putting on 150g extra cheese (between 4 servings) which ramped up the calories a bit. I’ve started wondering about sleep, which isn’t something I thought would be affected but if I’m eating a high calorie meal late into the evening, then it may be.

Stats: 1955 calories, 154g carbs, 91g fat, 138g protein. Activity Level: Moderate.


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